Best Smart Locks 2021. Buying Guide.

Lack of proper home security is just as dangerous as driving around with your kids in the car without seatbelts. Counterintuitive as this may sound, but it’s true. The reality of the world that we live in is dictated by many risks, home invasion is included. Just because you don’t come across a front-page headline highlighting burglaries, it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen in fact.

There are certain things that you can do to secure your home such as installing a smart lock system. Smart lock allows you remotely monitor and manage your home security with a tap of a button or an easy voice command. But how to choose the right smart lock for your house? Here I provide my thoughts that I have after detailed research on this subject.

august smart lock gen 2At number one is

August smart gen 2, this lock is the most fully equipped and carefully designed smart lock on the market. August smart lock embraces a modern tasteful retrofit design and it’ll look great in almost every home without being too obtrusive. August smart lock is also among the easiest to install, on a good day it should take you less than 15 minutes to install. Also, the kit does an excellent job of walking you through the installation process explaining the different lock Hardware types that you’ll encounter. Once it’s installed, August app automatically picks up the slack and rapidly calibrates the lock allowing you to set up your keychain by specifying who can access the smart lock.

August smart lock can set a permanent or temporary key invitation in case you are waiting for your friends or service providers. Key invitation will be sent directly to their cell and you’ll also receive a notification once the invited parties have accessed your house.

August smart lock to include the august connect Wi-Fi, that supports Alexa Google Assistant apple homekit, IFTTT, Nest and wink hub, that allows you remotely control the locks from your phone.

If you’re looking for a retrofit smart lock that gives you the freedom to control your home security from anywhere, the August Smart Lock is a good option. It comes with a small aesthetically pleasing profile plus you don’t need to replace your existing deadbolt making it easy to install.


yale smart lock nest, best buy smart lockAt Number two is

Yale nest connect lock specifically designed to be compatible with AG nest line of products. This keyless deadbolt has impressive look. It comes with an inconspicuous front panel that’s accentuated with a large back part and a light-up keypad.

Simply tap the front panel Yale logo and the keypad will light up prompting you to enter a key code. You’ll also love the fact that the keypad is all-weather meaning it doesn’t malfunction even in the rainiest conditions. Yale nest connect is powered with four double A batteries and will insistently beep when they run low. To avoid getting temporarily locked out, additionally, it’s connected to the nest app, which also allows you to remotely lock and unlock your door.

If you love to travel it doesn’t mean your friends and family can’t visit your home. The home away assists feature allows you to create up to 20 passcodes for them. You will get notifications when passcodes are used and even set their expiration times.

It allows you to remotely control your home and it’s intelligent enough to detect when you’re away to secure your house.


best buy smart lock, Schlage SenseLet’s continue with number 3,

which is the Wi-Fi deadbolt Schlage now fully joins the premium smart appliances league by breathing life into an age-old design concept of less is more. This is reflected in the seamless design of the Schlage and code smart Wi-Fi deadbolt which ditches the hubs and hanging adaptors measuring a mere 5 by 3 by 0.9 inches. This deadbolt is small, making less obtrusive lockset. In case you misplaced the physical key you don’t have to worry about crashing on your neighbor’s couch thanks to the keyway for a physical key and a 12 button touchscreen keypad.

You have multiple ways to access your home. Another ingenious aspect of this lock is that you’ll love is the bivariate powering system, as a standalone product. It’s powered by four double A batteries, which need replacement every six months, but that’s not all. It has the ingenious idea of separating the Wi-Fi module so you can plug it directly into a wall to avoid draining the lock’s batteries, unlike most smart locks on the market. That only needs- a

cloud subscription. Through the Schlage home mobile app you’ll get push alerts on your Android and iOS devices telling you the status of your door, as well as the freedom to remotely lock or unlock it. You can also take pleasure in knowing that the Schlage code supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice commands.

With plenty of advanced features, the Schlage end code is a good bet, the accompanying mobile app is user friendly, and it makes scheduling and programming a piece of cake plus it can be controlled using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice commands.


                                                         At number four is

best buy smart lock, lockly, lockly smart lockthe Lockly Smart Lock entry door latch smart lock. This Bluetooth enabled keyless lock adds multiple layers of security to your house or office. But offering app-controlled guest access auto-lock features is considerably simpler. In fact, it’s the world’s first patented peek proof door lock that utilizes a unique algorithm to reshuffle the smart code numbers after each use, preventing unauthorized people from accessing your house.

The touchscreen keypad is automatically disabled after three wrong attempts and can only be reactivated by entering the correct code twice. The Lockly Bluetooth keyless entry door latch smart lock is compatible with both Android and iOS devices giving you quick access to your house in case you aren’t there. It also includes physical keys in case your family or friends intend to visit.

While you’re away, the offline access codes allow you to remotely issue codes to open the door. Even better, the codes can be programmed to be used at specific times as required.


Best byt smart lock, TL 117 Last up on our list at number five

is the turbo lock TL 117 smart lock with keypad and voice prompts. Turbo locks TL 117 is designed around a very simple philosophy: home and office security without the stress. It is intended to add additional peace of mind and functionality to any modern home or business as well as integrate into a complementing style. It can be easily installed with standard tools and without the help of a technician. Furthermore, it’s designed to fit doors between 1 and 3/8 inches to 2 and 1/8 inches thickness, so you don’t have to

worry about the lock not fit in your door. Once it is installed, the easy and intuitive voice prompts will guide you through the entire setup and usage process. Turbo lock TL 117 also does a commendable job in securing your home. It allows you to grant up to 10 programmable passcodes for access with more than a million combinations to protect the passcodes from prying eyes. The passcode disguise capability allows you to add up to 12 random digits either before or after the code. As long as the correct sequence is entered correctly the turbo lock TL 117 and also Bluetooth, enabled to give compatibility with a turbo lock.

Plus app for Android and Apple smartphones free app is a centralized platform where you can control and manage multiple turbo lock devices, generate and share encrypted keys and receive real-time push notifications. In case you don’t have a smartphone or the Internet, the keypad passcodes are stored in the lock’s internal memory allowing you to access your house anytime even with or without connectivity. To sum it up, the Bluetooth keyless entry door latch smart lock is undeniably one of the best models on the market. It comes with plenty of features such as well note access control, key sharing, and with millions of passcode

combinations in the passcode disguise so you can take pride in knowing that burglars have no chance at guessing your codes.

Here you have the top smart locks to help you go keyless in 2021 whether you’re looking for a smart lock that allows you some form of scheduling and remote control or simply a retrofit that doesn’t require a deadbolt replacement.


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